Why White went so wrong? 1. They thought money can buy good slaves, and/or believe Chinese said "Yo.Chain.None.10.Gray.Tway.Mold". Real pure White man like me does work loyally for you after accept your offer, I don't know how pure White man can be so similiar (That how Jim Hart was attracted to me; t 酒店兼職he mistake that Jim Hart made was he does not or did not know that Chinese has no Liberal, therefore, he must not place any good Chinese woman in any grouped female gethering, because good Chinese woman must have to keep silent 酒店打工nice to every female friend or she must have to leave every one of them behind, no way like White Liberal to stand tall [because good Chinese woman must be short; Chinese woman looked tall like White Liberal, must be white trash; that how real s 房屋買賣trong Chinese woman must have a loyal evil Chinese man to be her shield, so that not ever to allow anyone to get any room to challenge her sex] to bark and act like she's the boss to have every one to go her way) to me (Like me, pure White Man does not be slaved 濾桶controlled by money, he works to get paid in order to make living, however, you have no way to tool money to make him against his value of principle, his integrity; in that case, he quits, that how you may see White Man told you that restaurant he works commit the crime selling recycl 室內設計e food, that may explain how come you don't see your Chinese restaurant hire White man to work for them; because White man really does "G.Swall.Boot.Yu. 5.10.Yu.Ren" rule, therefore, anyway you prepare food can upset his stomach must be unacceptable, that how your low standard Chinese restaurant has no 土地買賣room to have real White Man to get a life. That how your sucking evil Chinese has done whatever it takes to seal me from becoming that most successful business woman before I seen God love; because had I had becoming that most successful business woman, all worker hired by me must be real White man, not if but when.) in that wor 室內裝潢king issue, but I know that how White man made that fatal (Just like the fatal mistake I went to hotel to date "Chu.Sheng.Boot.Rule.The.ChuChaoRen"; White man self does not slaved controlled by money, therefore, they does not know that white trash works money for every one in front of him or her, betrays or forgets the the work behind any eyes; I m 關鍵字排名ade that fatal mistake, because I thought "Chu.Sheng.Boot.Rule.The.ChuChaoRen" knew my HEART, while the reality is he is white trash abused the tech he got from American werewolves direct or indirectly to read my mind; that how he had tried to cover up his lie of tech to tell me that he did not know that I was virgin before he raped me.) mistake to tool U.S.Dollar t 辦公室出租o buy slaves around the world.2. They does "G.Swall.Boot.Yu. 5.10.Yu.Ren", therefore, they have done whatever it takes to make most merciful weapon to do the kill; but they fail to blame self first before blame others before they tool their most powerful weapon to kill. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! seo  .

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